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Thank you for your interest in becoming a friend of InlandRail! Please fill out and submit the free on-line application form below. The more people we get "on board", the louder and more convincing our message will be. Submitting the application will register you in our database as a Friend of InlandRail, and if you include your email address, you will receive periodic information and announcements electronically via email.

To help us expand our educational campaign, we hope you will consider donating to InlandRail. If you would like to make a secure on-line donation along with your application, we invite you to follow the donation thread instead of this basic application form. You will then be linked to PayPal, where you will be able to use your existing PayPal account or choose to donate directly using your credit card.

If you prefer, you may print a hardcopy version of the application and then mail it to InlandRail.

Email List
As part of the registration process, the webmaster automatically adds your email address to the InlandRail Friends email list. This is a manual process, and may take a couple days. If you subsequently choose to not receive email notifications from us, kindly use the tools on the email lists page to unsubscribe from the list.

Friends List
If you authorized us to do so by checking the appropriate box on the form, we will add your name to the InlandRail's Friends list on the InlandRail's Friends page. We hope you do opt to be shown on the list—the more people we have on the list, the more seriously our organization is taken. So, please consider being included on the list.

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