High Capacity Transit Simulations

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Single Track Diesel Light Rail
 on Appleway Ave. 

Hi (12,656 KB)
Medium (6,014 KB)
Low (1,683 KB)


  Bus Rapid Transit
at Sprague and Pines Rd.

Hi (6,973 KB)
Medium (3,313 KB)
Low (927 KB)

Single Track Diesel Light Rail
Riverside Ave. 

Hi (11,762 KB)
Medium (5,572 KB)
Low (1,559 KB)



Dual Track Electric Light Rail
on Riverside Ave.

Hi (12,726 KB)
Medium (6,015 KB)
Low (1,682 KB)


Low Cost Diesel Light Rail
at Napa

Hi (4,510 KB)
Medium (2,128 KB)
Low (612 KB)


  Transit-Oriented Development
 at University City

Hi (16,255 KB)
Medium (7,724 KB)
Low (2,147 KB)


Simulations created by:
Donald Newlands & Company, Inc.
740 SW 21st Ave. Suite 330
Portland, OR 97205

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